West View Baptist Church
Sunday, April 05, 2020
We're Here For You!


We know that church and life is much more than just one hour on Sunday morning. We are developing a ministry of community called LifeGroups. There are groups that meet at different times & days so you can be a part. Some meet on Sunday at 9:00AM, some on Sunday at 5:00PM, Some on Wednesday at 6:30PM, and some at other times that people can come together to explore the Bible and learn to apply it to Life! For information finding a LifeGroup to be a part of you call or contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the LifeGroup that is right for you!


Weekly Schedule

9:00 AM -   Small Groups
10:00 AM - Blended Worship
5:00 PM - Discipleship Groups/Choir Practice
6:00 PM - Worship
6:00 PM - Church-Wide Fellowship Meal
6:30 PM - Children:  Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills
6:30 PM - Adults:  Bible Study
                             Celebrate Recovery
6:30 PM - Youth: Uth Worship
10:00 AM - His Heart Our Hands Food Pantry